Loadable Components is fully compatible with webpack hints webpackPrefetch and webpackPreload.

Most of the time, you want to "prefetch" a component, it means it will be loaded when the browser is idle. You can do it by adding /* webpackPrefetch: true */ inside your import statement.

import loadable from '@loadable/component'
const OtherComponent = loadable(() =>
import(/* webpackPrefetch: true */ './OtherComponent'),

You can extract prefetched resources server-side to add <link rel="prefetch"> in your head.

Manually preload a component

It is possible to force the preload of a component. It has the same effect as if the component is rendered for the first time.

It can be useful to trigger a preload on mouse over:

import loadable from '@loadable/component'
const Infos = loadable(() => import('./Infos'))
function App() {
const [show, setShow] = useState(false)
return (
<a onMouseOver={() => Infos.preload()} onClick={() => setShow(true)}>
Show Infos
{show && <Infos />}

preload is not available server-side, you should only call it client-side. If you want to use prefetching server-side, use webpack hints instead.

preload is aggressive and doesn't take care of network condition and data saving preference of the user. You should call it carefully.